Islands shaped by the wind, the sun, and the sea.
The Corsican Islands have always exerted a magnetic power on sailors. They are situated some 10 miles (about 18 kilometers) from La Maddalena across the Strait of Bonifacio. The crossing, lulled by the waves, with only the sound of the wind in your ears, is quite an experience. Small lighthouses on remote islands, submerged wrecks, in a natural paradise that skipper Luigi will take you through with enthusiasm. In the Bocche di Bonifacio we often sail together with dolphins and it is common to see rare seabirds. Around the islands you can snorkel surrounded by schools of colorful fish. Rocks and coves, fine sand, and the dazzling colors of the seabed will remain in your heart, together with the stories of the history and culture of these islands.
The most desired destinations, after sailing across the Strait of Bonifacio (about 90 minutes)– the stretch of sea between Sardinia and Corsica are:
Cavallo Island: exclusive paradise of VIPs. On the island there are fewer than 100 villas perfectly integrated in the environment, many of which designed by the famous architect of the Costa Smeralda, Jacques Couelle. In addition to the white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, you can visit the remains of an ancient Roman villa. You will see the two most beautiful bays of the island, Cala di Zerri and Cala di Palma. In this bay, considered one of the most pristine in the Mediterranean, we will make a long stop, allowing you to reach the beach and swim. Lunch is provided on board, shielded from the sun, relaxing in the comfortable cockpit.

Lavezzi Island: extraordinary natural value and amazing beauty. You will remember it for its peculiar rock shapes and its turquoise waters rich in fish. During our stop you will have the time to visit the small cemetery on the island, where the victims of one of the most disastrous shipwrecks in history are buried; in 1855 more than 750 sailors of the Semillante died and were buried on the island. You will also visit two of the most enchanting inlets of the island, Cala Lazzarina and Cala Giunco where you can swim like in an aquarium. And, if you wish, you can take a walk to the lighthouse, very close to the beach.

Beautiful to visit, but depending on weather and sea conditions, is the famous and most remote island: Isola Piana. The stretch of sea that separates it from nearby Corsica is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, akin to a Polynesian lagoon with transparent waters and every shade of turquoise. A tiny strip of soft and white sand, covered by only a foot of water, creates a passage between Isola Piana and the mother island! You can get off the Fil Rouge and walk between the two islands.







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La Maddalena (Italy)
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